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Types of Granite Finishes

Types of Granite Finishes

For a few decades now, granite has been a very popular pick for countertops because of its stain resistance, durability, and elegant beauty. Given the various types of granite finishes, they in particularly work well in the kitchens since it can withstand heat and also serves as a functional work surface for preparing meals.


Even though the polished shine is probably the first thing you think of, there are various finishes available, including honed and flamed granite. When looking at slab options, consider that the look of this natural stone is modified by what you choose for the finishing process. Granite, like a majority of natural stone, can be finished with a rough or smooth texture.


Types of Granite Finishes


Polished Granite


This granite has a mirror like, glossy surface which reflects light and draws attention. Showcasing the specks or flecks for the specific stone features, this type of granite has been one of the most popular choices for a long time. Due to the glossiness, elegance Types of Granite Finishesand richness is added to the space, both designers and homeowners love it. The high-polish finish repels stains as well, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.


Besides countertops, polished granite can be incorporated into flooring for formal rooms, like a dining room. Here, it serves to raise the richness of the decor, and there is a wide range of colors to choose from.


Honed Granite


This granite has a matte, or buffed, look to it. When a stone is honed, it many times lacks the high degree of reflection polished finishes have. Like polished granite, however, honed granite surface is smooth, so it makes a good work-space. It is also great for flooring since its less likely to show wear or traffic patterns.


Besides flooring, honed granite makes good back-splashes or countertops if you want an appearance that is slightly muted. For a contemporary kitchen, honed granite is a good option that is worth thinking about. When you choose this granite, you are getting the longevity and durability of a natural stone that is high-performance in a modern finish which is gaining popularity.


Flamed Granite


Heated under the highest temperatures in a controlled finishing process, flamed granite shows off the individual grains in the stone which burst and change color. The result here is a rougher stone texture with a more faded, natural look. Usually the colors of this granite are more muted, including charcoal or tan.


Usually, the flamed, rougher texture of granite is most suitable for areas of your home which are prone to dampness. This makes it great for use on a deck or patio. The slabs work well in an outdoor kitchen as well, since it is well-suited to exterior, uncovered applications. If you like the rustic beautify of the flamed granite, however, don’t feel limited to how you can use it. It functions very well in just about any room of your home and is even suitable for a shower floor.




Once you’ve installed granite in your home, you will totally love how simple it is to maintain. It should be cleaned and sealed according to the manufacturer specifications to increase its beauty of longevity. As a reminder, you should always make sure your are checking the quality of your granite. Discount Granite provides a plethora of affordable granite countertops to choose from to help enhance the look of any home.