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How to Check the Quality of Granite

How to Check the Quality of Granite

Do you know how to check the quality of granite? Granite is a simple and natural stone, but the stone is graded according to the origination. This is the reason due to which some architects check it with the surveying machines before installation. So, it is important to know about the basic qualities of the stone when purchasing granite.

Cost: A Major Factor Determining the Quality

A granite stone can offer style, beauty and elegance to the place on where it is installed. Granite is available in a variety of patterns and colors. You can select one according to your choice. Granite is a natural stone but it varies in quality. Most of the times, the quality of the granite can be decided on the basis of cost. A good quality granite is neither too costly, nor too cheap. Nowadays, one can easily buy high-quality granite without compromising the quality of the stone. There are some important factors which should be considered while purchasing the high-quality granite for your business.

How to Check the Quality of GraniteHow to Check the Quality of Granite

Stone with Micro-cracks: Granite is available in different shades and patterns, which can make it difficult to check cracks within the stone. Checking the amount of micro-cracks can help determine the quality of the granite. Higher the micro-cracks, poorer will be the quality of the granite.

Thickness: The thickness of the granite can alter the quality of the stone. Do not buy the granite with the extra thickness and do not buy the thin granite because granite that is too thin can break easier. In simple words, the thickness can alter the quality.

Look for Polished Edges: The stone with the polished edges are of best quality as compared to the non- polished stone. So, it is better to consider the polishing.

Look for the Pitting: As it is already discussed that the granite is a natural stone and it has pitting in it. Pitting means holes, so every granite stone will have holes in it. The stone with the lesser holes is better because the fewer the holes, the more durable the granite will be.

When it comes to knowing how to check the quality of granite, the above mentioned factors will help you determine the granite quality before purchasing.