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The Quality Difference

This page is reserved to inform on what the difference in quality that exists between the 2CM(3/4″) and 3CM(1 1/4′) stone materials. Often Arizonian customers ask me what is the difference of thickness and quality is, and what type should they choose. And as a picture speaks a thousand words, every step of the fabrication process with all to cons are presented here.
This is a kitchen made of 2CM(3/4″) that will be laminated and prepared for the customer. This slab is set on bridge saw cutting table and used as a reference.

Notice the irregular movements and patterns.

Here is one of the kitchen tops that has an interior corner and stone has been flipped upside down to allow for lamination to be applied. Notice the laminated part in the right side is broken and the inside corner does not allow for full lamination on both sides of the countertop and other lamination had to be cut from a different part of the slab. Another thing to remember not always is possible to fill the rest of the lamination that has appropriate color.

Every side that has a laminated edge was cut half an inch bigger to be cut the second time on the final measurements.

In this picture there is a front view of the top underneath and the lamination on top that was cut from the same side, to have the movements from the top continued on lamination. This picture was taken before the two parts were grinded and glued together.

Next picture shows the top that was cut the second and final time. The upper stone is the final countertop front view while underneath I am holding the rest that was left over after the cut of the edge. Notice the piece that I am holding in my hand has the movements perfectly seamed together. While the top, the movements are no longer flowing from the top to lamination. This is because between the first and second countertop cut there is a 1-inch difference in the movements that you see in the picture of the slab.

These last 2 pictures show the difference in thickness after the lamination part has been applied. In first picture we have 1 3/8th inch, while in second we have 1 3/4 inch thickness. These two tops are set up on the left and the right of the stove. This is an issue that depending on material cannot be avoided. These situations are most common in the 2 CM slabs.

One last picture shows the difference in the seam line of where the sink cut out will be. Irregular movements and patterns in materials makes harder or impossible for the fabricator to create a perfect seam.


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